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A Relationship may be a connection between two or more people. In our lives, we have many different kinds of relationships with our family, our friends, our teachers and our neighbours. A romantic or sexual relationship is a bit different from other relationships and it can be wonderful, fulfilling and fun, but it can also be stressful or complicated. A romantic relationship usually involves an emotional, intellectual and/or sexual reference to another individual or individuals.

It’s okay if your expectations for romantic or sexual relationships differ from your parents and even from your friends. Your relationships will be influenced by many different things, but there are a few things that are common to all good relationships. Respect: Your partner treats you the way you wish to be treated and listens to you. They take you seriously and don’t put you down or tell you how to live your life. Communication: If your partner has something to mention, they tell you kindly and with respect. If they need a problem with you or the connection, they carry it up early rather than letting it boil inside them. They don’t judge you and they are open to working through disagreements. Trust: Your partner understands that you have separate relationships with your friends and family. They don’t try to make you feel guilty for hanging out with other people or accuse you of cheating if you talk to another person. Equity: You and your partner treat one another with an equivalent level of respect. You are both are happy to try to your part in maintaining the connection, whether it’s supporting one another when one among you has a nasty day or sharing the value of contraception.

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