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1. – DMCA Policy

2. is creating a page only compliance purpose only, We do not provide any type of spam message/information or copyrighted image to our website if you find out any copyrighted content to our website so please send a mail with copyright proof, we will definitely remove your copyright content within 2-3 business days. We work to provide our user to the right information, not spam, Only.

3.  If we are (by mistake) post your copyrighted material as like content/image has been posted on our websiteI request to all, please aware that you’ll be liable for any type of damages as like including costs, attorneys’ fees etc so first of all, you will try to contact us for removing your copyright content in our website if you can’t do this so any type legal assistance is not valid.

4.     If you want to remove any your content/image in our website so please provide evidence of the authorized person because many people send same mail without any evidence. When I’ll remove those content into our website so same content is publish my competitor website so please I request to all of you, without any evidence we’ll not remove any content/image to our website.

5.     Please provide your sufficient contact information like your email, mobile number etc so that we may contact you.

6.     You must be signed by the authorized person to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right (Article/Image) that is allegedly being infringed.

7.     Send the infringement notice at []

8.     I request to you, Please allow 2-3 business days for an email response.

9.     Due to any emergency reason, If my team does not send your complaint response within 2-3 business day’s so you can again send a mail, I’m sure I’ll definitely give response as soon as possible.