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[2020] Top Five SEO Chrome extensions for Blogger – Part 2nd

[2020] Top Five SEO Chrome extensions for Blogger – Part 1st

1) Google tag assistant Chrome Extension

Google tag assistant, we don’t use tags on our website but if you do use Google tags then this will be a cool tool for you to see where tags are placed if they’re functioning properly basically like the Facebook pixel checker if you guys have ever used that tool it kind of shows you if they’re functioning or if they’re not and allows you to go back to your team and say hey we need to update these tags and make sure that they’re functioning so Google tag manager if you’re using Google tags really great for Website.

2) Evernote Web Clipper Chrome Extension

We’re going to talk about is Evernote Web Clipper which I recently found out is a pretty cool new tool or at least it’s a cool new tool to me but Evernote Web Clipper allows you to take snapshots of web pages and save them in Evernote so if you use Evernote to store notes about things you could use it for a client say you have a client that works in the home remodeling industry you could actually use it to take images of different home remodeling websites and store it all under that one note so let me show you how it works basically you open up Evernote Web Clipper you click on save in media basically so I’ll show you what it looks like when you open it up you click save clip on a web page right and then when you log into your Evernote it’s actually going to have that web page saved right here with the link and everything that was on that web page so pretty cool right because it also took the title of the page social media marketing that was the title of that web page and actually took it out of that as the title of this note in Evernote.

3) Redirect Path Chrome Extension

We want to talk about is called redirect path a redirect path actually shows you if you have any links on your the page that is not redirecting properly it looks for 301’s 302s 404’s 500 links all kinds of different links that you could have on your site or redirect links and if they’re functioning and properly then it lets you know and says hey you need to go check that out right so really cool tool to also take down some information about your site and your on-page SEO performance.

4) Grammarly Chrome Extension

A lot of you have heard of this tool but if you’re not using it for your web sites then you probably are missing out on a few things number one because it’s gonna help you with spell check right that is the basics spell check and grammar great but it also tells you which words you’re repeating too often right you don’t want to use words too many times especially keywords because search engines will actually penalize you for that right so it tells you you know whether you’re using it too much or whether it’s the right amount Grammarly though really great tool super easy to use and it pretty much works on any web browser, not web browser work on any web page that you’re using inside of the Google Chrome web browser.

5) Moz Bar Chrome Extension

Final tool we want to talk to you guys about is going to be Moz bar and Moz bar shows you several different things with regards to on-page elements general page attributes link metrics markups and then any HTTP statuses like those redirects we were talking about if you might have errors it also shows your PA and your DA which is your domain authority your spam rank or your spam score, which is basically 1% which is good for us but it shows you a ton of different metrics about web pages and how the page is performing the URL the title of the page all kinds of different stuff right so this is a really cool thing because you can see right here Meta Description not found meta keywords not found and we know that it’s not because this is one of our older articles from 2017 we’re not really too worried about it but with all of our newer articles, you would go in and see that we do have meta descriptions we do have meta keywords we do have h2s and h1 tags and that’s gonna help search engines find our sites better but this tool allows you to look and check out those elements on a web page very very simple.

[2020] Top Five SEO Chrome extensions for Blogger – Part 1st

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